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Dhathri plans large-scale expansion; seeks franchisees leading ayurvedic group Dhathri has announced plans to open to open 100 ayurveda speciality clinics across the country. The clinics will be opened in various disciplines such as geriatrics, paediatrics, women care, skin care, mental health and lifestyle diseases. These clinics will be both company owned as well as in franchise mode. In the franchise mode, the company will provide the service of the doctor, while the infrastructure has to be provided by the franchisee, according to its top official. 

S Sajikumar, managing director of Dhathri said there had been overwhelming response to ABS (ayurveda, beauty and slimming) clinics, especially in metros. “The ABS clinics that bring ayurveda, beauty and slimming solutions under one roof had a turnover of Rs 14.5 crore last year,” he added. 

The group last year clocked a turnover of Rs 100 crore, Sajikumar said, adding that this collective achievement has been made from FMCG services, classical and patent division. 

The company is also targeting a sales turnover of Rs 200 crore in the current fiscal, taking into account the 62 per cent growth achieved last year.