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Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum

A Jain temple in Fort Kochi

Once you are into it, surely you will get amazed by seeing collections of unique Architectural Objects.

Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum in Thevara, Cochin is a classic example of a painstaking attempt to reincarnate the traditional art of Kerala heritage. The exquisite art forms of South India are showcased in this magnificent warehouse built with the sole aim of preserving and conserving our splendid tradition and culture.

hinese Fishing Nets
The building itself is an exquisite ode to Kerala temple architecture,incorporating elements from Malabar, Cochin and Travancore styles. Wood, laterite stone and roofing tiles are used in the construction of the whole building, but the exterior and interior wooden works are made of antique architectural objects. The folklore museum showcases objects mostly from 15th to 20th century. Some of the objects date back to even 2000 years. The objects include masks, models, costumes of traditional art forms, antique musical instruments, ornaments, puppets, wood carvings, oil lamps, manuscripts written on palm leaf, sculptures made of copper, wood, bronze, terracotta and stone, paintings, etc…

The museum consists of biggest collection of Musical Instruments, Traditional Lamps, Sculptures, Mask & Head Gears, Mural Paintings & Old Photographs, Excavated Objects, Inscriptions, Jewelery & Jewelery Boxes, Folklore Collection, Traditional Art Costumes and Christian Art Collection.

hinese Fishing Nets
The first floor consists of masks, rings and other jewels, Wood, Stone & Bronze Sculptures,Musical Instruments, Traditional Jewellery, etc which is tremendously arranged. The ambiance inside the floor is very catchy and the roof work is also brilliant. And the second floor which is mainly hold the Traditional Art Costumes which has been used by our previous generations for the performance of different types of art forms. After seeing all these thing we finally enters into the third floor which is built for the purpose of performance of art forms that prevailed in Kerala. The seating arrangements made inside the theater reminds us of our traditional culture. We have to book in advance to see the performance.All together its a wonderful feast for the eyes!

A fifteenth century basement of carved stone with two stone elephants, stone frame and wooden door, intricate woodcarving of the ceiling which depicts tales from Hindu mythology are some of the appealing elements of the building.

The Museum shop is another attraction, which is meant for catering the needs of artifact collectors. It is for the first time in India, artifacts and antiques with a Provenance Certificate are displayed for purchase.

The Centre’s folklore theatres Kanjadalam and Kalithattu with their elaborate traditional architectural design have an excellent historical ambience. Professionals of Kerala’s traditional art forms present stage performances here. Seminars, symposiums, art exhibitions etc… are other highlights of the Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum.

The Museum is located on the Thevara Ferry Road, right in the heart of the city.

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