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Tips on book Care 

Poor handling, inferior paper quality and environment conditions can send your books to the grave even before they reach adolescence. A little regular care can keep your books looking younger as they grow older.  
  1. Attics, basements and garages are not suitable storage areas.
  2. Handle books with clean hands.
  3. Place books upright on the shelves.
  4. Acidic materials like bookmarks, pressed flowers and scraps of paper should not be kept in books for long periods of time.
  5. Do not repair documents with glue or pressure-sensitive tape since many glues and pressure-sensitive tapes are highly acidic.
  6. Keep documents away from sunlight or fluorescent light as all visible light will eventually damage documents and ultraviolet light will destroy them.
  7. Do not use paper clips, staples, straight pins, or other metal objects that will eventually rust.
  8. Place books in a moisture free environment and away from windows.
  9. Do not earmark pages by folding.
  10. Do not bend a book inside-out while reading. This can lead to weakening of the binding.
  11. Dust the books and the shelves regularly and wipe clean to keep away silver fish.
  12. Few mothballs placed on the shelves will discourage cockroaches.By Anupama Vinayak







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Tips on Book Care