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Vogue Institute Of Fashion Technology

Since the inception in the year 1996, Vogue Institute Of Fashion Technology has traveled an illustrious journey, thriving on its initial objective and promise of imparting Industry Specific education to today's youth. The institution has been focusing in providing training that promotes employable skills, and enhances social relevance. The institution imparts training of various academic programs right through vocational to post graduation level, specializing in Design, Management and technology. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology's new campus is an architecture and design marvel, built with state-of-the art postmodern amenities. It is located in the elite Apparel Park, a revered and prime project of Karnataka Government, housing approximately around 75 textile and apparel giants. The institution provides industry exposure, along with technical and practical field knowledge with assured placements. The new campus in Apparel Park has a technologically advanced Smart campus, highly equipped with international standard design laboratories for Textile, Pattern Making, Jewellery Making and Sewing among many others. It has a comprehensive library and research center to assist students and faculty. Each of the study center, workplace and classrooms are aesthetically designed & fitted with LCD projectors. Amphitheater, auditorium and convention hall are among the other campus highlights of Vogue.more...


International students wanting to avail scholarship programmes and admissions in US universities and colleges have to go through the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) conducted by the College Board internationally. SAT is one of the qualifying examinations required by colleges, universities and scholarship programmes to ascertain how well prepared a student is to do college-level work. The College Board SAT programme consists of  SAT-I (Reasoning Test) and SAT-II (Subject Test). Before taking the tests, it would be advisable to find out if the colleges you are interested in require SAT-I or SAT-II.


SAT-I is a three hour test, primarily multiple-choice, that measures verbal and mathematical reasoning ability.
The test comprises seven sections: Three verbal, three math's sections and one 30 minute equating section.

Verbal Section tests:
  • Your ability to understand and analyze what you read.
  • Recognizing relationships between parts of sentences.
  • See relationships between pairs of words.
  • Vocabulary skills are tested by reading passages, sentences and word pairs.

    Math Section tests:
    Your ability to solve problems involving arithmetic, algebra and geometry.
    Your SAT-I scores help compare academic preparation ability with two million students who take the test each year.


SAT-II Subject Tests are one-hour, mostly multiple choice tests in specific subjects. These measure knowledge of particular subjects and the ability to apply the knowledge. Five general areas for subject test are: English, History, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Sciences and languages.

Subject tests generally help colleges compare the academic achievement of the students from different schools because courses and grading standards may vary. Many colleges require or recommend one or more of these tests for admissions or placement purposes. Even if not required by a college, subject test performances can be added to your portfolio to support competency in academic areas.


Both SAT-I and SAT-II cannot be taken on the same day. You need to either take SAT-I or up to three SAT-II subject tests on the same day. SAT tests are administered in India by the US Educational Foundation in India (USEFI). While SAT-I is offered at a fee of US $53.50, fee for SAT-II is US $ 43 plus an additional test fees. Payment is to be made by dollar draft payable to SAT programme at any bank in the US.

Completed application forms should be sent to College Board SAT Programme, Princeton, New Jersey-08541, USA.

For details log on to:

Courtesy: The Times of India.

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