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Jet Airways

Jet Airways (India's No: 1 private airline) and its Chairman Naresh Goyal, have been in the news lately. TNaresh Goyalhe airline in its 9th year of exsistence, has captured 42% of the domestic market share. It is the only airline in India to be making profits. Jet Airways profit for the year ending 31st March 2001 was Rs 12.5 crores compared to Indian Airlines loss of Rs. 177 crores.

Even though Jet Airways has only 33 aircraft (when compared to Indian Airlines 57) it has more number of flights per day (215 when compared to Indian Airlines 208). The average age of a Jet Airways aircraft is only 2.8 years when compared to Indian Airlines 13 years!

Naresh Goyal, a B.Com graduate and a "travel agent turned entrepreneur" from Patiala is considered to be a tough man who gives lot of importance to minute details. He believes in the fact that a satisfied customer is the best defense against the threat of new entrants.

Jet Airways gives a lot of importance to service and moJet Airwaysre so for the business class passengers. For Frequent Flyers, they have a separate programme called Jet Privilege for members who have the option of not only tele-checking 3 hours before the flight but also has many other attractive services including the corporate business lounges which are available at all major airports in India. It gives the passengers time to relax, have some refreshments, catch up with work and also surf the net through the internet terminals provided at the lounges.

The flight attendants on the flight are all young (less than half the age of the Indian Airlines air hostess). They have been through rigorous training on personal grooming and etiquette (smallest details of nail polish and deodorants are regulated).

Last month, Jet Airways introduced an in-flight mail order shopping catalogue which one can use to send a gift to their near and dear ones.

Jet Airways in its 9th year of operation welcomed its 25 millionth passenger in the month of June 2001.

Today Jet Airways flies 17,000 passengers everyday and makes sure that all passengers on a long flight are pampered with an ever-smiling crew, cold towels and three course meals. Some of its regular flyers even get surprise complimentary upgrades from economy to business class once in a while.

Now that Indian Airlines is flying to some of the neighboring countries and doing well in that sector, Jet Airways has also applied for permission to fly to those countries - such as Singapore, Dubai and Bangkok.

In fact Jet's spectacular success was ensured by Indian Airlines itself and all those private airlines that have come and then faded away, except for Sahara. Now that Indian Airlines is awaiting a buyer and if it happens, Jet Airways will face a worthy opponent!
Also if Jet Airways gets into the International arena, they have to face stiff competition from the International biggies like Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, etc.

Source : Business Today & others.

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