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CRY: Child Relief and You - You can make a difference.

12-year-old Rajnikanth worked in a sweet shop in Kerala, because the shop owner had promised his family at Thopur that their son's future would be taken care of. What they ensured however was terror, hunger and loneliness.

Rajnikanth's day started as early as 4.00 in the morning and ended at 12.00 at night. He seldom got food. Day after day after day, the boy sat working in the dungeons of the sweet shop, and his cries remained unheard.

After repeated torture and misery, one day he decided to escape. After a long adventurous journey, Rajnikanth managed to reach his family. It was then that Anawim Trust, an organization working with underprivileged children intervened. After a series of counseling sessions, Rajnikanth was introduced to supplementary education. Today he has big dreams, and wants to do higher studies

ANAWIM works in the Tiruchandur Taluk in Toothukudi District. In these villages, where most houses still did not have electricity, education was the last priority. Most children who never went to school came from families whose monthly income was less that 1000/-. Anawim was left with theHerculean task of changing the scenario, enrolling children in schools and getting them interested in studies.

Earlier Anawim concentrated on working with the community only by providing training in tailoring, mat weaving and catering. It implemented the Eco-village project in mid '97 with the support of I.O.I. The focus of this project was to draw the participation of the coastal communities in protecting the coastal Ecology within Tiruchendur Taluk. But as they realized the need to work with children, a supplementary Education Programme was initiated in 15 villages with the help of CRY- Child Relief and You.

"We observed that the Children were weak in Maths and English, and most of them were either repeating the same class having failed or had dropped out of school system. They had no opportunities to develop their inherent skills in co-curricular activities." says Shanthi, Director of Anawim," in short, they hated school."

The supplementary education project for deprived children was started in October 98. Initially 432 children were enrolled. Thanks to the regular classes and recreation activities; education was made interesting for them. Nutritious food was provided in the centers. These committees supported the centers by contributing small needs of the centers. Special Classes were conducted for 10th std students.

Community participation increased, as there were efforts made by the staff of make the supplementary education self-supporters. The women's group started contributing money from their savings for the welfare of the children. Together they raised funds and constructed a shed for the centres. In some villages, the village elders came up to spare the Community Hall or the vacated houses for centers. A total of 762 children are covered in the programme.

CRY has been working with Anawim since 1998. In all the projects that CRY has worked with, the key to making 100% enrolment and 100% retention in schools a reality has been the active involvement of the community. CRY recognises that the community needs to be responsible for the well being of their children. CRY and its project partners facilitates this by making the communities aware of government policies and programmes for children, the causes and effects of children's issues and encouraging these communities to participate in local government mechanisms. . It has disbursed 684 million to 163 child development initiatives, like Anawim, across the country.

If you think you too could make a difference, please call us at 044-4671828/ 4672241 or email us at or visit our website -

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